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With the growing number of individuals and businesses that use blockchain and digital currencies, the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a surge. There are a huge amount of crypto exchange platforms, crypto wallets, and other respective solutions. Checking the reports from analytic agencies, the number of crypto app downloads (Google Play Market) was 14 million in 2020 and it grew to 80 million downloads in 2021. Only in Q3 2021, Global installs of the top 5 crypto apps (iOS/Android) amounted to 45 million. It is not hard to calculate that each year there are more and more users in the cryptosphere. 

The «if you develop it, users will come» phase is ending

Nowadays, there is fierce competition between crypto companies. Currently, there are numerous companies, which are able to develop the basic crypto applications, but they do not possess professional designers. New players have a rough time entering the market, because existing players have to optimize their operations, which means they have to invest into development of user experience to make their product better and remarkable for the end users. 

On the one hand, there are already some big companies, which understand the importance of intuitive interface, from a UX perspective. For instance, CoinBase, one of the biggest American crypto exchange providers, has a very glossy and easy to use interface. 

On the other hand, the situation with the rest of the market is pretty scary. Just try to use Bitfinex interface – it will take approximately 30 minutes to understand how to buy and to sell cryptocurrencies without making a huge mistake and ruining investments. 

As a result, being functional is no longer the only requirement for crypto applications, UX/UI design is certainly the next big thing, which, without a doubt, will up the game to a new level. You may ask why? The global blockchain technology market size was valued at USD 3.67 billion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 82.4% from 2021 to 2028. So if you’re a new player in the market, you need to make sure that prospective users know about you. Hence, both functional and design parts need to be invested in. 

Brand design and crypto business. Stand out from the crowd

Design is an area of crypto products that is repeatedly forgotten about. It shouldn’t be. As with any ambitious product on the market, an effective and appealing design is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Your brand and your product design = your reputation and satisfied, loyal customers.

Good product is designed with the user in mind

Not all of your end users fully explored cryptocurrency and blockchain. But all of them are active internet users. They can easily define great products and services. For you as a founder, the mission should be to get each user excited about your product and make it easy for consumers to enter this market. Here, design is a powerful tool and one of the drivers of a product.

Focus on trust – There are many people who remain skeptical about crypto business, but many of them could become your potential users. Users alike now expect more from blockchain businesses than functionality and a social media presence. Trust and security alongside the visual appearance are paramount, so these should permeate your brand both in your values and vision and in any relevant visual brand representation.

Why is design critical to your product’s success?

The main reason that design is so significant to your product’s success is that it’s a striking effect on your product’s user experience. The way your product looks plays a critical role within the way a user feels when interfacing with it.

Imagine opening a newly downloaded app or website that displays a fast logo, opens to a basic home screen, and expects you to try to do the remainder. Not only that, but the buttons are hard to read or situated in weird places so you’ve got to consider each and each move you create to make sure it’s the correct one.

Now imagine opening a newly downloaded app that opens to a beautifully designed home screen, and provides you with easy-to-follow commands to urge you at home with the layout of the app. The buttons are where you’d normally reach to perform standard actions and everything is simple to know without much of a learning curve.

How would you feel about each experience?

Which would you be more likely to use on a daily basis?

Which would you be more likely to consult with a fan or provide a glowing review?

The way your user feels about your product plays a right away role within the way they use it and whether or not they share it. 

Great design helps your product provide intuitive functionality

Another extremely important reason to invest in a quality product is to ensure it delivers an intuitive user interface. Users are willing to spend more time learning the functionality of the product that has been properly designed. Of course you’ll need your product to deliver on its functional promises, but a strong design will go a long way in keeping users engaged with your product.

All your needs are covered with Onez products

As a result, here at Onez, we assembled a team of high level designers and best market analytics. We analyzed the market, analyzed competitors and we did audience research. We did everything to deliver software products that address the pain points of users and align with their expectations. With this in mind, our team developed top-notch products with a variety of features and great design, which will help you to expand your business. 

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