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About ChangeHero

ChangeHero is making investing in cryptocurrencies and swapping painless.

We are building an ecosystem of cryptocurrency products that gives equal opportunity for everyone to take part in the fintech revolution. Through ChangeHero, we are driving mass adoption, and we join hands with our partners in achieving this. ChangeHero is compliant with the regulations, and we believe that regulating the industry will take cryptocurrency to new places.


About Ramp

Ramp’s non-custodial, full-stack payment infrastructure accelerates adoption and builds trust for its partners. As a team, we put skills above seniority, ability over age and knowledge above whoever makes the loudest noise. As a company, we never settle, we solve real problems and we’re pioneers at heart.


About Swipelux

Swipelux is a payment gateway widget, that enables the end-user to buy crypto using his credit/debit card. Swipelux is B2B focus, with the ability to integrate this fast, safe and flexible widget into all kinds of Websites, Crypto exchanges, Crypto wallets, Defi, NFT marketplaces.

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