Our Partner Family

Welcome to our family at Onez.io! We're eager to team up and create relationships with companies that share our enthusiasm for blockchain and fintech solutions.

Exchange Providers:


An instant cryptocurrency exchange service that provides fast
and secure swaps without registration.


Enables instant, effortless cryptocurrency exchange services in
over 150 cryptocurrencies, with user-friendly interface and API.


An easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that
operates without registration and limits.


Multi-currency platform offering swift and limitless
swaps among 200+ coins.


A non-custodial crypto exchange service that allows seamless,
registration-free swaps of over 200 cryptocurrencies.


Exolix is a secure and anonymous crypto exchange service with fixed
rates which is free of registration and any limits.

Fiat on Ramp Providers:


A UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, offering a variety of
payment methods for buying/selling digital currencies.


A fiat-to-crypto gateway solution that offers seamless
onboarding with a wide range of payment methods globally.


A simple and secure service that enables users to buy, sell,
store, and use cryptocurrencies.


Provides open, efficient fiat on/off ramps for crypto
businesses to seamlessly integrate fiat transfers.


A solution that helps businesses launch their own crypto
exchange quickly and efficiently.


A leading fintech company providing worldwide fraud-
free payment processing solutions.


Available across 170 cryptocurrencies on 75+ blockchains via cards,
bank transfers and other payment methods in 177 countries.

Infrastructure Providers:


Provides high-quality, reliable, and affordable node hosting
services for blockchain projects.


Provides blockchain-based domain names, enabling
censorship-resistant and decentralised websites.

Press and partners about us:


CoinTelegraph — Simplifying Web3 adoption with solutions tailored for businesses and enterprises

“Our suite of products, including the White Label Crypto Wallet, and Exchanges, is not merely a technological offering; it's a conduit enabling businesses to seamlessly transition into the blockchain universe, ushering in a revolutionary epoch of digital asset management across various business sectors.”


Yahoo Fininance — Onez Introduces an Updated B2B Web3 Product, the White Label Crypto Wallet

“The White Label Crypto Wallet by Onez is a comprehensive solution designed for businesses looking to offer crypto wallet services under their brand. This product stands out for its adaptability, security, beautiful interface, catering to the diverse needs of businesses in the digital asset management space.”


Exclusive Interview With The CBDO Of Onez.io: Empowering Businesses With Blockchain Solutions For The Web3 Frontier

“Onez.io provides blockchain products for Web3, finance, digital asset businesses, including white label crypto wallets, exchanges, payment solutions. In this exclusive interview, we have the opportunity to delve into the world of blockchain applications and the unique value proposition of Onez.io's products, as we sit down with their CBDO Thomas Zimmerman to gain insights into the future of blockchain technology and its practical implications for businesses.”


Merkeleon Partners With Onez To Offer Centralized And Decentralized Crypto Platform Solutions

“As the crypto industry grows, the Merkeleon-Onez partnership comes as a timely move. With a shared vision of driving innovation, inspiring clients and shaping the future of digital finance, this collaboration promises new possibilities for crypto platforms worldwide. By combining the expertise of centralized and decentralized crypto software development, the two companies enable entrepreneurs and startups to launch a platform suitable for any audience.”


ChangeNow — Enhancing Security and Offering Diversity: The Onez White Label Crypto Wallet's Integration of ChangeNOW's B2B Solutions

“In a bid to further elevate the security standards in the crypto industry, ChangeNOW, a highly-regarded cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Onez. This collaboration aims to integrate ChangeNOW's suite of B2B solutions into the Onez white-label crypto wallet.”


Exolix — Exolix and Onez: A Partnership to Revolutionize Crypto Transactions

“The integration of our services into Onez's wallet will significantly enhance the functionality of the wallet, providing Onez's customers with access to a wider range of digital assets and a seamless exchange experience. This collaboration will make it easier for Onez's customers to manage their digital assets, bringing us one step closer to a future where digital assets are more accessible and easier to manage for everyone.”

Our partnership program offers the following benefits


Revenue share

We provide a competitive revenue sharing model, ensuring that our partners benefit financially from our joint success. Together, we'll unlock remarkable opportunities for shared success and prosperity.


Percentage from deals

Unlock a bountiful percentage from every successful deal that is facilitated through our partnership. Embrace the magic of financial rewards and embark on a journey of shared success.


Referral program

Benefit from our referral program by referring new clients to Onez.io. With each successful referral, you not only contribute to our growing community but also unlock rewards that await you.

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