A comprehensive comparison of Onez White Label Crypto Wallet Solution in 2023

Explore Onez.io White Label Crypto Wallet solution, emphasizing security, flexibility, and user experience, making it a top choice for crypto management

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In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital assets, the importance of secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallets cannot be overstated. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing top-tier solutions, we at Onez have recognized the growing need for white label crypto wallet solutions. These customizable products offer businesses a seamless way to integrate cryptocurrency management into their existing platforms, ensuring a personalized and trusted experience for users.

What is a Crypto Wallet, difference between self-custody and custody

A crypto wallet is more than just a digital tool; it’s a gateway to the world of blockchain, allowing users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies securely.

  • Self-custody Wallets: At Onez, we believe in empowering users. Self-custody wallets, like ours, give users complete control over their private keys, essential for accessing their funds.
  • Custody Wallets: Unlike self-custody wallets, custody wallets are managed by third parties. While they may offer additional security features, they also mean that users do not have direct control over their private keys.

Onez self-custody White Label Crypto Wallet

Our Self-custody Whitelabel Crypto Wallet solution emphasizes security, flexibility, and an unparalleled user experience. With support for a vast array of digital assets, including popular cryptocurrencies and NFTs, our platform offers a one-stop solution for managing digital wealth.

From personalized dashboards to staking capabilities and instant crypto exchange, our wallet’s features are designed with both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers in mind.

White Label Solutions comparison table

At Onez, we believe in transparency and continuous improvement. We’ve taken the time to compare our solution with other providers in the market by analyzing the competition, watching demos, and accessing their applications. Here’s how we stand:

CriteriaOnez WalletWallet BWallet CWallet D
iOS / AndroidYesYesYesYes
Desktop VersionYesNoYesNo
Store / Send / Receive CryptoYesYesYesYes
Transaction HistoryYesYesYesYes
Supported Assets2 000+500+1 000+1 000+
NFT SupportYesNoYesYes
Staking CryptoYesYesNoYes
Import from Other WalletsYesNoYesNo
UI CustomizationYesYesYesYes
Instant Crypto ExchangeYesYesYesYes
Instant Buy CryptoYesNoYesNo
Browser Extension (dApps)YesYesNoYes
Wallet Connect v.2YesNoNoYes
Price AlertsYesNoNoYes
Portfolio AnalyticsYesNoYesNo
GitHub pageYesNoYesNo
Security features7335
Scam AlertsYesNoNoNo


The cryptocurrency landscape is both exciting and challenging. Choosing the right white label crypto wallet solution is a critical decision that can shape a business’s success in this vibrant field.

At Onez.io, we are proud to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly option that caters to a wide range of users. Our commitment to security, innovation, and customer satisfaction positions us as a preferred choice for those looking to make a mark in the world of digital assets.

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