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Enhance your crypto services with our comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange API. Seamlessly integrate, develop, or create an innovative crypto exchange. Easily transition users between fiat and crypto with our on-ramp and off-ramp solutions. Start your journey to exceptional crypto services now.


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Unlock cryptocurrency solutions with our crypto API

Onez comprehensive API offers a wide range of features and functionalities with robust capabilities and a user-friendly design. Our API empowers developers to effortlessly create secure and innovative solutions for web3 projects, providing them with the tools they need to build exceptional applications.

Supporting integrations across the ecosystem

Easily connect our trusted partners in exchanges and fiat providers to ensure smooth transactions and competitive market rates.

Features of crypto exchange API

Get quotes from different exchanges with just one API call. Show the most competitive prices for tokens based on customer's purchase options.


1 000+ crypto assets

Access over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies via our API to enhance your services. Grow your crypto portfolio or expand user options—our API supports a comprehensive list of digital currencies, including the top 30 Coin Market Cap assets and their tokens.


Multiple exchange and fiat providers

Unlock the best market rates by using multiple DEX, exchange and fiat providers. This approach offers competitive rates and expands your client base. Use our cryptocurrency exchange API to enhance your crypto services and deliver exceptional solutions to your customers.


Reliable referral earnings

Join our referral program to establish a profitable partnership. Earn a generous referral percentage for every transaction made by your customers on your platform. Customize commission rates to suit your preferences and business needs.


Efficient fiat on- and off-ramp

Fiat on- and off-ramp is easy to access and can be provided to meet your specific needs. Use this feature to easily onboard your customers into F2C/C2F directly on your platform, providing them with a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Adapt our API to any platform

Our API enables versatile crypto operations on any platform. It allows you to create, develop, and integrate a customizable crypto exchange. With our scalable infrastructure and optimized tools, you can improve performance, security, and user experience. Whether you are new or experienced in the crypto industry, our API provides the foundation and support for your projects.


How to use crypto API?

Connect to multiple exchanges, on and off ramps to support a wide range of countries, tokens, and payment methods.


Building for the Web3

Our API is the foundation for excellent cryptocurrency solutions across a wide range of applications.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Are you looking to trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly? Our powerful API is your key, whether you want to connect to a crypto exchange or build one from scratch, offering limitless possibilities.


Crypto wallets

Our API enables seamless integration of exchanges and purchases into your wallet, providing users with a convenient platform to buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies, and manage digital assets efficiently.


Payment Processors

Our Crypto API connects traditional and crypto payments, providing easy integration, a variety of features, and access to over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. It allows smooth transitions between fiat and crypto, offers competitive market rates, and provides reliable referral earnings.


Asset Management Firms

Our API securely provides transaction data for accounting, analytics, and reconciliation. Companies using ledgers can integrate our API for accurate and efficient management of customer transactions. Simplify operations and improve services with our API for better asset management.


Crypto API Case-studies

API for crypto wallet

Crypto wallet expanded its range of services by integrating the Onez Crypto API into their wallet. This integration has enabled users to conveniently access, exchange, and purchase cryptocurrencies directly within their wallet. The Crypto API, with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, has played a significant role in establishing the company as a leading provider of crypto wallets.

API for crypto mining company wallet

The crypto mining company wallet became popular in the market because it offered different cryptocurrencies and was easy to use. They did this by using the Crypto API, which allowed users to access popular blockchains and connect with multiple exchanges easily. This attracted many different users and made them more engaged. The reliable Crypto Purchases API infrastructure made the wallet a top choice for people who wanted a secure and complete wallet solution.

API for crypto accounting firm

A crypto accounting firm wanted a secure and efficient way to exchange crypto transactions and offer accounting services. They integrated the Onez Crypto API, which provided them with secure data and reporting tools. This improved their efficiency, reduced errors, and increased productivity. By utilizing the reliable transaction data and powerful features of the Onez Crypto API, the firm became a trusted partner for businesses in need of instant exchange and efficient crypto accounting services.

API for crypto exchange aggregator

A crypto exchange aggregator is a platform that brings together data from different exchanges to give users the best market rates and a smooth trading experience. They use the Crypto Excchnge API to connect to multiple exchanges and get up-to-date information on cryptocurrency prices, order books, and trade volumes. This integration helps users make informed trading choices and carry out transactions easily.


What is Onez API?
Onez API is a single system that links you to several decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and cryptocurrency on-ramp providers. It makes your crypto transactions easier and gives you a smooth experience in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.
How does Onez API unify DEXs and on-ramp providers?
Which DEXs and on-ramp providers are integrated with Onez API?
How can I get started with Onez API?
What are the benefits of using a unified API for DEX and on-ramp access?
Is Onez API suitable for developers?
Which countries and regions are supported?

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