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Get your own
brand wallet

Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet for iOS, Android
and Desktop. Start earning on the go.

Brand wallet

60+ Cryptocurrency
assets and 500+ tokens.

Onez regularly expanding the list of available coins and tokens.

Built in exchange directly in the app.

Take advantage of top notch exchange providers and start earning from each successful exchange. Onez White Label solution offers more than 50k pairs with the best rates.

All necessary features from the very beginning.

  • Receive and send
  • Mnemonic phrase for security and privacy
  • Face/Touch ID
  • Transaction History
  • Creating and restoring wallets

Get your own brand wallet

Buying and selling crypto has never been so easy.

Supercharge your business process with the opportunity to buy and sell crypto via cards or using SEPA. The service works worldwide. Earn money anytime when users buy crypto.

Buying and selling crypto

The power of NFT - collections always in your wallet.

The most trendy feature nowadays. Use the advantage of NFT and attract even more users. With our white label wallet you are able to send, receive and store all NFTs.

The power of NFT collections

Grow assets with Staking.

Onez White Label Wallet makes it easy to learn and use Staking. No “tech-speak” or confusing steps. Let the end user understand how to use this function fast.

We provide: staking of Solana, BNB, Matic, Terra, Avax etc.
Grow assets with Staking

Access to DApps in a click.

Easy access to worldwide marketplaces. Safe way to use crypto funds on the websites just through our White Label Wallet. Use WalletConnect as additional motivation for end users to exchange or buy crypto!

Access to DApps in a click

Customize wallet under your brand

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Standard functions for beginners in the crypto industry

  • iOS and Android app
  • 5 coins & 1 token
  • Send and Receive
  • Exchange
  • Create and restore wallet
  • Mnemonic
  • FaceID and TouchID
  • Transaction history
  • Branded UI
Best for MVP


All basic filling and utility additions are included in this multipurpose solution

  • iOS / Android app
  • 10 coins of choice
  • 3 tokens
  • Send and Receive
  • Buy and sell crypto
  • Exchange
  • Transactions history
  • Mnemonic
  • Face ID & Touch ID
  • Branded UI


Fully packaged version with superior features for advanced users & companies

  • Everything in “Advanced” plus +
  • 20 coins & 5 tokens
  • Staking
  • NFT storage
  • Pricing charts
  • Wallet connect
  • Profile import and export
  • Multiple accounts

Support and Maintenance

Onez team won't leave you out on your own. We
provide 24/7 customer support and much more.

Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

assetstoresend & receiveexchangebuy
1.Bitcoin (BTC)
2.Monero (XMR)
3.Ada (ADA)
4.Doge (DOGE)
5.Ethereum (ETH)
6.Ripple (XRP)
7.Nano (NANO)
8.Binance Coin (BNB)
9.Tether (USDT)
10.Ontology (ONT)
11.Dash (DASH)
12.Zilliqa (ZIL)
13.Litecoin (LTC)

Our Awards & Mentions

Our industry-certified teams expertise stands out. Achieve your goals with Onez Team
135+ Domain-specific projects to our title
$500M Raised via dedicated solutions
Rich skills in Cryptography, DeFi, tokenization & cross-device connectivity

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